We are obsessed with aesthetics! We think every space has the potential to be ah-mazing. Sometimes you need a little help; sometimes you need a lot. Thats what we do. We'll take that room by the horns and kick it from Drab-town all the way to, "OMG, shut the front door!" Literally. Whether you need to transform your home to sell, or need help curating the space of your dreams, we're here.






Hometown:  Falkland, Scotland..The palace I grew up across the street from started my love of OLD buildings!
Always wanted to:  be the lead singer of a band, any band... Ok ,ok maybe i just want to be Stevie Nicks circa 1977.
Would never:  ride any roller coaster outside of camp snoopy! 
If I didn't work here:  I would cry... seriously!
Middle name:   Anne– my mamma's name
Current obsessions:   Instagram!! L'Horizon Palm Springs, Everything Spell Designs and Gypsy Collective and finding a bargain anytime and anywhere! Anything design related from the Gold Coast- thank you for shipping so fast from Australia everyone I love to buy from!
Sat night goals:   get drunk on Old Fashioned's
People tell me:   That I am keeping UPS and Fedex in business.






Hometown:  Mallow, Co.Cork, Ireland . AKA The REBEL Co.!!!!
Always wanted to:  have mad musical skills, or, the power of invisibility. Like, who doesn't want to be a fly on the wall.
Would never:  Bungee jump. EVER!
Favorite drink:  Sparkling Water is my jam.
Current Obsession:  Textiles and color. Every day- all day. And of course my family ;)
Sat night goals:  Netflix and chill
People tell me:  I have no accent, which stings a little, but it comes back as soon as i go home. Apparently, I'm also pretty nice ;)
If I didn't work here I would:  Probably have my own homewares store with a focus on textiles. Or, at least I'd like to!




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